20 Years / Comics on Sale!!!!

2013-01-08 11:39:18 by phenixryte23

Hey guys, big news today!
Firstly it's my birthday, wooh, it might be a good one... maybe. I'm praying it will be, but it doesn't depend on me.

Here's a video I made telling you all about it.

Now Importantly!

Issue 01 and Issue 02 of Legendaria: Hawkheir are on sale! Yes you can buy the individual chapters of the webcomic in print form straight from the website!
Check this [link] to go straight to the website store. It's easy, just add them to your cart and checkout with paypal. Checking out the other way has given me problems so just go the safe route with paypal :)
Currently there are 100 copies of each in stock, each one will be signed as they are sold, no extra charge, that's more as a thank you than anything :)
Remember when you buy a copy, leave a message or something for me, if you have the option, telling me what your online handle is so I can recognise you. Like I said in the video, some of you are gonna get freebies, you know who you are. Not all of you though so if you don't get a freebie don't be annoyed! It's for people who've really stood out to me and supported me day by day.
I've gotta thank all of you guys, but to the few who stuck with it and really helped me along, you guys get the biggest thanks of all.
All of you get a thank you in the form of a signature anyway, each copy will be signed by myself for free :)

Please do take the time to give me another bit of help and buy an issue of Legendaria: Hawkheir

Thanks again,


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